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About Ask Ware

ASK Ware Productions started out with me simply planning birthday parties for my nephew. I’ve always loved event planning but it wasn’t until I purchased a home and started hosting my own events that I realized “Event Planning” is actually my niche! So, I wanted to take things to the next level and actually become a certified wedding planner. Thus, ASK Ware Productions was born.







Such a unique use of my actual initials, right?! Owning my own business and truly loving what I do is definitely a blessing. I feel honored to know that complete strangers trust me to plan and design what might be the biggest day of their lives. I love meeting new people, traveling and visiting potential venues all over the world and I can honestly say I love all things wedding and events. My job is to make your event as easy & stress free as possible providing you with an unmatched level of care that you will surely never forget!


You’ve only got one chance to make a lasting impression on your guest so I look forward to making your dream event a reality.


"Don't ask how, who, what or when, just ASK Ware"



Yours Truly,


 Severin Photography

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